Maximilian Davis
Maximilian Davis

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182 - Le guardie di Lari - davis_leander
182 - Le guardie di Lari
199 - Iphigenie in aulis - davis_leander
199 - Iphigenie in aulis
245 - The second renaissance - davis_leander
245 - The second renaissance
246 - SOLO - davis_leander
246 - SOLO
249 - The hatmakers tea-party - davis_leander
249 - The hatmakers tea-party
250 - Hinkelstains quest - davis_leander
250 - Hinkelstains quest

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"One may conceive my art as some kind of poetry. It is about aesthetics - impulses, about an alternate reality brought into our existing world. I create my ideas from an inner world of sentiments, it can be understood as a profound encounter with my innermost self. My true aspiration is to bring thoughts alive, to make them tangible for the spectators. These thoughts come from the subconscious mind, from a certain part of human apprehension that can't be understood completely but more easily felt. It works as an object and storyteller. A small line between heroism and agony. Art as an overall concept speaks to me in a different kind of language. It is nothing I can describe with words just like that. Either you have that sort of feeling towards art or you won't appreciate the value."

Contemporary artist
Graz, Austria


Maximilian Davis



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